Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2018!

Cars are a memory of life. We grow up looking at cars, dreaming to have a ride in the best one. These big machines have fascinated all of us and continue to do so even today. Everyone dreams to have a big nice car, isn't it? To some enthusiasts they are love but for some … Continue reading Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2018!


Who is the Smartest Animal???

10) Honey Bee The best known honey bee is the Western honey bee which has been domesticated for honey production and crop pollination. Honey bees represent only a small fraction of the roughly 20,000 known species of bees. There are many related bees, but only members of the genus Apis are true honey bees. The study of bees, which includes … Continue reading Who is the Smartest Animal???

Top 10 Fastest Animals on Land!

How fast can you run? The maximum speed you could run is 45 km/hr or 28 mph, that's the record for the world's fastest man Usain Bolt. There are various factors affecting a person or an object's speed. Though good running form is useful in increasing speed, fast and slow runners have been shown to … Continue reading Top 10 Fastest Animals on Land!

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps on iOS!

Check out the most downloaded apps on iOS of 2018! Let me tell you, these all are social media apps and none of the games enter this top 10 list! Some of these apps have appeared on most visited websites. Click here to see the list!     10) QQ     Developer: Shenzhen Tencent Computer … Continue reading Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps on iOS!

Top 10 Largest Telecom Companies!

Telecommunication companies have become our lifelines now. Today's world runs due to their smooth functioning. It would be difficult to image a world without them. You won't have you broadband connection or your 4G speeds on your smartphone. Can you live without it even for a day! It's very hard to imagine.... So let's take … Continue reading Top 10 Largest Telecom Companies!

Top 10 Richest Actors!

Tons of movies are released every year, earning great revenue, respect and fans worldwide. Film industry is ever growing because you have millions of fans who want to watch you and you also have die hard fans, who never miss a movie of yours. Growing to fame, wealth becomes your acquaintance for your life. Here … Continue reading Top 10 Richest Actors!